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Energy efficiency

Client Distribution warehouse
Requirement Excess leakage of chilled air through frequently used opening.
Solution Installed heat-insulating, air-tight SWING DOORS, which self-close after people and vehicles have passed.
Result Improved energy efficiency, resulting in savings in energy bill. Self-closing function also improved work efficiency, eliminating the need to close.
Products installed SWING DOOR FCG-1 (Option) Spring bumpers
Client Distribution warehouse
Requirement Needs robust partitions that can withstand forklifts frequently bumping into to open.
Solution Installed durable, impact-resistant and self-closing SUPER SWING DOORS.
Result Use of SUPER SWING DOORS allowed quick and easy access, improving flow of distribution. It is also almost maintain-free, rendering it a long product life.
Products installed SUPER SWING DOOR SN-1 (Option) H-shaped bumper strips

Sanitary control

Client Food factory
Requirement High hygiene level is required, where workers should touch as little as possible while handling food.
Solution Installed JETTER which opens and closes automatically with sensors.
Result JETTER allows people to pass without touching anything, helping to maintain high hygiene level. Additionally, its quick opening and closing motion minimized loss of chilled air, as well as improved work flow.
Products installed HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR JETTER JT-1 (Option) Infrared sensor, Stainless steel rail, Insect-proof orange sheet
Client Restaurant
Requirement Needs a Easy-to-use, robust door that matches the restaurant image while gently dividing the kitchen and the dining space.
Solution Installed a lightweight, robust mini-SWING DOORS.
Result The door swings smoothly using a leg or a lower back while its smart aesthetics do not hinder restaurant’s interior.
Products installed MINI SWING DOOR MP-1a
Client Food factory
Requirement An automatic door which can be opened/closed without using a hand is required in a food factory due to hygienic reasons.
Solution The automatic door with the SUS front surface was installed.
Result Workers can go into a work room without touching anything after washing hands. A slope rail cover doesn’t accumulate any dust and keep it clean.
Products installed AUTOMATIC DOOR (Option) HACCP cover, Stainless steel kick plate
Client Fast food stores
Requirement Required to minimize the air leakage from kitchen area into service area.
Solution Installed SWING DOOR.
Result The SWING DOORS successfully controlled the inflow and outflow of air while ensuring smooth passage from the kitchen.
Products installed SWING DOOR SCG-1 (Option) Round window MINI SWING DOOR MP-1a

Operational efficiency

Client Supermarket
Requirement Needs a robust door that can withstand frequent use with carts and cargos between the service backyard and the store.
Solution Installed SWING DOORS that open with a light-touch and self-close quietly without rebounding.
Result The smooth opening-closing operations have successfully improved work efficiency. The doors do not stay open or hinder shoppers. Made of stainless steel equipped with a protective bumper, the doors are durable and provide a long service life.
Products installed SWING DOOR SCP-3 (Option) Resin base plates, D-shaped bumper strips, Long windows (Brown), Hand plates
Client Factory
Requirement Needs to minimize intrusion of insects at delivery entrance.
Solution The pipe-type SMOOTHERS with excellent wind resistance were installed.
Result The shutter is insect repelling, and opens and closes automatically with a sensor, minimizing intrusion of insects.
Products installed HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR Smoother RB-1,RB-2a(RB-2s) (Option) Infrared sensor, Insect-proof orange sheet
Client Distribution warehouse
Requirement Loading arranged cargos onto a truck is a demanding task that involves handling of substantial amount of cargos while wind and rain could be blowing in at the shipping station. Under such circumstances, cargos may be damaged.
Solution Installed a few pipe-type SMOOTHERs that have an excellent wind resistance.
Result The SMOOTHERS prevented from the shipping station from being kept open, substantially improving the work environment. It has also helped to protect cargos, resulting in improved work efficiency.
Products installed HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR SMOOTHER RB-3a(RB-3s),RB-4Z (Option) String switch, Insect-proof orange sheet
Client Distribution warehouse
Requirement Required to Control the air inflow/outflow while a belt conveyor is not in operation.
Solution Installed a SMOOTHER to link it with the belt conveyor.
Result When a cargo on the conveyor approaches, SMOOTHER detects it with a sensor and open, it then automatically closes when the cargo has passed. This has minimized the inflow and outflow of air.
Products installed HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR SMOOTHER RB-3a(RB-3s) (Option) Sheet window

Design orientation

Client Retail stores, Clothing department
Requirement Requires doors that do not disturb the retail environment while ensuring staff’s work efficiency.
Solution Installed SWING DOORS in the same color tone as the wall, between the retail space and the service backyard.
Result Its quiet motion and matching door panel color to its surrounding improved customers shopping experience. Additionally, the option of 2 way mirror window allowed visibility from the service yard but not vice versa.
Products installed SWING DOOR LWP-3 (Option) Spring bumpers, D-shaped bumper strips, One way mirror window, Colored sheet
Client Restaurant
Requirement Requires stylish door designed to suit high-end interior while maintaining high functionality.
Solution Installed the SMART SWING providing both the functionality of SWING DOORS and high design quality.
Result It successfully improved the work efficiency without affecting the image of a high-end restaurant. The vertically long, large windows allow a person at the cash desk to see the kitchen, supporting staffs to work efficiently.
Products installed SMART SWING SMT

Safety orientation

Client Distribution warehouse
Requirement Requires opening that eliminate the risk of people and carts colliding where opening space is limited and adjacent to other opening.
Solution Installed the JETTER, a compact door that provides a wide opening space. It is equipped with a sensor that detects people and carts to open the door.
Result Unlike normal doors, the Jetter requires no opening margin, which has enabled people and carts to pass after ensuring safety even if openings are adjacent to each other.
Products installed HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR JETTER JT-1 (Option) Infrared sensor, Insect-proof orange sheet