UNIFLOW’s SLIDING DOORS open with a light touch and close by itself slowly.

UNIFLOW’s SLIDING DOORS are easy to open and close automatically, improving flow of people and work efficiency, as well as providing a smooth passage for elderly people and wheel chair users.
It also has hold-open mechanism to keep it open when needed.

UNIFLOW’s SLIDING DOORS are manufactured in our own factory with the reliable Japanese advanced technology and managed by high quality standards.
The designs and the specifications can be customized. Models , dimensions and option parts are customizable according to every customer’s needs.

Please see each model page for more details of products and CAD download.

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SR(door thickness:39mm)

SL(door thickness:28mm)


  • User-friendly and space efficient.

    Unlike hinged doors, not only they provide more usable space, SLIDING DOORS provide a greater manoeuvrability making it much easier to pass through for wheel chair users. As the danger from leading edge is removed, they are also much safer.

  • Perfect for use in healthcare facilities.

    As the door is hanged at the top, it requires no rails or grooves on the floor, so it does not obstruct the passage of wheelchairs or beds nor accumulate dust or dirt on the floor.

A wide range of options.

Our dedicated sales, service and support team will deliver as well as customized solutions for such as surface materials, (Colored steel plate, SUS, aluminium), windows and/or louver options, handle, reinforcements(bumpers, base plates and hardware accessories) that best suits your specifications.