Safe, reliable HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOORS made in Japan

UNIFLOW’S HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOORS reduces energy consumption and optimize health and safety management for production and distribution in factories.
Our HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOORS are produced in our own factories using parts made in Japan, ensuring our products to be user friendly, as well as safe and reliable.

UNIFLOW’s HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOOR can be customized the dimensions suitable to the sites or providing wind resistant performance and option parts according to every customer’s needs.

Largest dimension(Maximum size)
SMOOTHER: W10000mm×H6000mm
JETTER: W4500mm×H4500mm

Please see each model page for more details of products and CAD download.

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SMOOTHER (With pipes)

For outdoor installations or where wind-resistant doors are required.

JETTER (Pipe-less)

For indoor installations or where there is mainly human traffic.


  • Quick operation improves energy and cost

    Our current high-speed roll-up door ascends up to 2.0 meters per second, which is more than 15 times faster than steel shutters. The rapid sheet movement minimizes user waiting time, which in turn increases work efficiency to accelerate the distribution. Also with substantial reduction in the inflow and outflow of air, higher energy efficiency is achieved.

  • Highly wind-resistant

    With excellent wind resistance, our roll-up door can reliably operate even in bad weather, without interfering production and distribution. The model with pipes, ‘SMOOTHER’, is recommended for opening exposed to strong wind and/or pressure differences.

  • Insect-proof

    Food contamination from a foreign substance is mainly caused by insects. Our insect-proof sheet cuts the range of light waves(around 350nm), sensed by insects to prevent them from entering the buildings.

  • Airtightness

    UNIFLOW’s HIGH SPEED ROLL-UP DOORS provides the industry’s top-class airtightness. The airtight gaskets hermetically seal gaps between doors to prevent insects and dust.

  • Safety

    The phototube sensor (a standard) or infrared sensor (optional)

  • Long product life

    It is designed to withstand 500,000 roll-up/down actions as a standard. Motors made in Japan and other reliable components provide a long service life.


    Since 1991, we have engineered built and provided our clients with quality roll-up doors. With that experience and capacity to adopt new technologies ahead of others, we hold a key position in the competitive Japanese market.

New functions of RX

  • Wind-pressure resistance is greatly improved.

    RX-series withstand wind pressure and operate stably under strong windby adopting the end part of the roller and renewed structure of the rail.

  • Simple-Interlock

    Simple-Interlock which can be activated by 1 unit of infrared sensor in a narrow frontroom.(as an option)

  • The countdown indicator

    For to prevent from running-in of users (as an option).

    ※The display will be difficult to see in bright places.
    To prevent malfunction, do not install in direct sunlight.

Compatible with voltage specification in Southeast Asia.

Single phase
AC 200-240V

There is no need to procure a transformer on site because our control box is based on single-phase 200 to 240V, which is compatible with the voltage specification in Southeast Asia. (PDF)
*Excludes some sizes of SMOOTHERs

A wide range of option parts.

Our dedicated sales, service and support team will deliver as well as customized solutions for such as type of sheets, sheet windows, switches, sensors, PATLITE, etc. that best suits your specifications.

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